So let's dance on fallen leaves...

We are copper in the song

OCTOBER 21, 1989.... ON THIS VERY DAY ONE WOMAN WAS BORN INTO THIS WORLD AND WOULD SOON BECOME MY VERY BESTTTTESTTTT FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE... WE WOULD SHARE LAUGHS AND THOUGHTS, YET NOT HAVE A REAL "ARGUREMENT". WE WOULD BE COMPLETELY OPEN WITH EACHOTHER ENOUGH TO BREAK DOWN COMPLETELY, JUST TO HAVE THE OTHER LIFT THE POOR SOUL UP. THIS DAY MARKS ONE OF THE GREATEST DAYS OF MY LIFE BECAUSE WITH OUT MY BEST FRIEND, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITH MYSELF (besides, whose house would I walk into and tell their dad that he's eating my pie? Whose house would I openly walk into, period? Who would I call Poopy? Who would let me do my homework at their house without them being there? Who would buy me German pens? Who would get be a better birthday present than what I got them? Who would I talk to when I need some type of voice of reason? Who would let me come over to their family's parties when I most obviously only came there for the food? Whose family would let me be "you" while picking out the family dog? Who would be my endentured chauffeur? Who else would throw me an *ahem* awesome sweet 16 bithday party? Who else would.... ehhh this could go on forever, I'm going to stop.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH LOUISE CONVERY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHO!

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cassie this is cassie G. i just wanted to say hi and make sure that your doing okay. we dont talk anymore i miss you.
oh and i still know the password "YES!!!!!!!"

love ya
<3 *+* G-DAWG

Everyone, meet my boyfriend.

You might want to read this... heh.



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Click below for one great story, and for those that only read live journal to look at pictures, I have those too.



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Due to Ms. Tara Sheena's request....
01. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
02. I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.
03. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
04. Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. Put this in your journal!!

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6 months ago...


The days were this long:


The weather was this warm:


And I was here:

heres to updating!

as i must state, i havent updated in a loooong while. here goes my break/ 5 day extended weekend

wendsday- i was in an exceptionally good mood.  LIZ CAME TO NORTHERN, glorious day! she soon found out why we're all so bad at german, because we colored the whole freaking hour. in math, tara sheena, lauren depolo, and i found out that mrs benson and mr szymanski went to the cher concert together so we ran out of the room and confronted mr s about it. great. ummm.... went to leo's after school. then erin and i watched the boys' jam session. later that night liz, erica, and i saw liz's glorious new entertainment system. she has TiVo!!!! we watched mean girls, of course. had a little delimma about how to get home, which ended in tom driving us home. on a side note: first snow of the season! the good ol' snowboarding crew is going to hit up alpine some time soon...


thursday/ thanksgiving- thanksgiving felt like a bust. it seemed to start as we walked out the door and end once we got back home. we usually have the whole comisky fam over with us this year, but they went down to who knows where to celebrate with their cousins. anywho, went out to eat at ernesto's with the grandparents. it was a buffet so of course i had mass produced semi-sucky food. next year, it's definately going  down in our joint. 


friday/ biggest shopping day of the year- woke up at 5!!! called liz and woke her up too. erica, liz, and i went shopping at twelve oaks. we all got these really pimp ghetto-fab velour pants to wear to younglife one night. later we decided to return them (waste of monay). got a shirt for me, ate mucho food, aaannnddd bought carol and colby their christmas gifts (which i thew in thier room for later wrapping, so they probably know what they got even though they showed me in specifics what they wanted).  took a quick respite and straightened liz's hair. went over to nikki's and watched nikki own  nicole and danielle in monopoly. played pool which involved a lot of sticking sticks down eachother's butts. danielle left and cole, nikki, nikki's 'rents, and i went to mongolian bbq. saw wittle ashwey connors there. blah blah blah you're probably not reading this blah blah blah we all (minus nikki's parents) went to the putting edge. hit a few balls around, hit some people too..... i managed to hit a lot of people same with cole. nikki only managed to hit my leg, that bitch. and then we had a lovely hour of girl talk in which we all talked about girl stuff only girls can talk about.


saturday- lets see. cleaned my room, cleaned my closet, cleaned my bathroom, i miraculously made it last for a good 6 hours because i didnt want to clean anything else. another side note: even though i cleaned all of drawers and such, carol feels the need to go through my room with me and clean everything out, WHICH I ALREADY DID ON SATURDAY! yay, i cant wait for back to saturday.... uh went over to liz's (manipulative bitch hoe slut whore shit piss fuck cunt cock-sucker mother-fucker tits fart turd and twat face..... hahaha liz i love you, and im just joking. I KIDD I KIDD) hizzle with some people and watched shrek 2 and some of mean girls. we attempted to watch honey, but the boys wouldnt have it.


sunday/ today (well not any more)- woke up late and got ready for work in 15 minutes flat, NEW RECORD! ha, and i still looked cute, afsoon said so. went to work, talked with afsoon, and held babys. uhh hmm... got home, researched MP3 players,  i think im going to get the "Creative Labs NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra Digital Audio Player with 30.0GB Hard Drive" (ha, i had to copy and paste this -it's tooooo long), its seems to be pretty good.  *DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY MP3 PLAYER RECOMENDATIONS? i happen to want the best* i attempted to do my homework for 27.4 seconds but then decided it's not worth it. umm, watched honey today, made me get up and shake what my momma gave me. then, i went to my soccer game.  went to lizzy's house to pick up some indoor shoes from her, needless to say i had a bit of a delimma when leaving her house.... yeah... nothing more said... well we lost our game, but i made (brushes dirt off shoulders) increadible saves the whole time i was playing goalie (IM JOKING, i like to joke... ) mike came over and we watched mean girls together. and now i sit here writing my journal in the first time in forever. yet another side note: ZACH LIKES MEAN GIRLS! I SAW HIM WATCH IT! I SAW HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH IT!


monday/ today (offically)- well im the lucky one who gets to put up le christmas tree (yay for fakes!) and the lights. plus, i get to bake carol's cookies for her cookie party... this means that i cant eat the cookies *tear* oh, and might i add that i will be doing this on my lonesome because zach, that lucly dog gets to go over to his friend's house. meh. then a lovely trip to the dermatologists office, yay for moles! then mi madre and i are going to best but to check out MP3 players! yay for days off of schule!



hope you enjoyed!</font></font>




P.S.- when i feel compeled to, i'll put pictures up from homecoming (really long time ago),  TWL (not quite a long time ago), and what not.... i, personally, am hoping that i'll get my rear in gear and do it quite soon. </font>


well it's safe to say that i feel like i was run over by a mack truck, it reversed and went over me again, then decided to just run over me one last time. then i was thrown into a FREEZING lake.

sorry i had to leave your party liz... :/

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16!!!!!! yeah! (finally... jk, ilu!)


to our memories and many more!

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